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non-invasive treatment improves skin health, addresses individual concerns, and creates a glow like no other

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Cosmo Readers Choice Awards Winner_1.jpg

The Hydrafacial Experience

Using Vortex-Fusion Technology to gently but effectively exfoliate your skin while driving active ingredients deep into the skin for immediate results

Every treatment includes these three essential steps and offers multiple ways to personalize to help you reach your skin goals

  • Cleanse

    • Deeply cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin.

  • Extract

    • Removes impurities from pores with painless gentle suction.

  • Hydrate

    • Saturates the skin’s surface with intense moisturizers and nourishing, personalized ingredients.


Our exclusive boosters address the most common skin concerns and feature partnerships with the best brands in the industry. They’re clinically proven to improve:

  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Texture

  • Elasticity

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Pore size

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LightStim Elipsa LED Light Therapy

  • Patented technology delivers light energy to treat skin from within utilizing multiple wavelengths 

  • Wrinkle mode decreases signs of aging and appearances of redness

  • Acne mode targets and disrupts acne bacteria and improves oily and congested skin 

Lymphatic Therapy

  • Helps support a contoured and sculpted look

  • Decreases puffiness

  • Removes unwanted build-up

  • Optimizes skin health 

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